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Push invoices into Ariba Network from external system (ECC ABAP)

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I'm absolutely a newbie on Ariba but there's a requirement I'd like to ask for clarifications.
An invoice, generated into an external SAP ECC system, has to be published on the Ariba Network.

Apart from manual processing, which kind of integrations does Ariba Network expose for such tasks?

Is there any web service or integration interface (cXML or something like that) exposed by Ariba Network that can be reachable from an external system?

I read something about PDF to Invoice, or PDF uploader, that can be used at the scope by means of a PDF sent by email. But supposing I have structured data I can work in by ABAP, is there any "direct" functionality?
Thanks, regards!

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probably the easiest approach would be the PDF solution. Just change the output type of your invoice message to 5 (mail) in your SAP system (transaction VV32). You have to make sure that PO number and PO position numbers are available on your invoice (they have to be entered in sales order). The message condition record you has to be customer specific so that you can enter the customers AN-ID as a title (the subject of the mail). This is needed so that the Ariba network knows where to route the invoice to.

Afterwards, you have to enable PDF invoices in your Ariba network account. An initial setup is needed, which is quite easy. An Ariba representative will help you with this - if needed.

Another approach is using the "Ariba integration suite for SAP Business Suite" (BSAO) add-on, which you have to install on your ECC. Please see my other blogs for more info. If you have a PI/PO (middleware) you could also use CI-9.

Regarding BSAO, I am not quite sure if you could only use the invoice scenario. I guess that also the sales order has to be created via BSAO...but as I said, I am not sure about that.



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Add: Also see for more information on the BSAO and S4/HANA solutions. Also have a look here or SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Solution for Suppliers