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PR is on queue in table SRM_INDX

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I have a purchase requisition in the ERP system where it should have been uploaded to SRM to create a shopping cart. But a shopping cart is not being created in SRM, because the PR is stuck in the queue table SRM_INDX. This one PR has 105 entries in SRM_INDX with INITIAL status, caused by the no. of attempts to upload this PR to SRM. In method REGISTER_FM_INTERFACE, it calls the method CHECK_FOR_OLDER_ENTRIES in the queue and it expects that the entry in the SRM_INDX table to have only one record and that is the current record for processing. I am not sure if this is the cause of being stuck in ERP but can I delete those records in SRM_INDX to free the queue up? I ask this because this is in our productive system and can not replicate the scenario in the test system.

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