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Non-mfg clients

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Hi ppl,

Have a basic doubt.Companies without a manufacturing backgroundInsurance,Banks,schools etc,if they wish to implement SRM in a classic modewhere will the follow-on docs get created??

Obviously,they do not have MM running in their system,but may very well have Sales and Distribution,HR and Financial modules in place.What do they do?

Simply put--for classic/ext. classic mode,is having a MM module running mandatory?If a company does not have MM,should it go for a Standalone scenario then??

Please share your views.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Priya,

Classic and extended classic scenario require a backend with MM module to create PR or PO.

With standalone scenario, only a FICO backend is required to post the invoice.



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Thanks Yann....i just wanted to confirm it.

Therefore,without a MM module--only a standalone scenario can be deloyed.Have awarded you points.


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