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Mileage Rate- UK

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We came across to some system limitation such as mileage rate.

We have 2 different rates. Employees with car allowance agreement have reduced rate and the rest of employees have statutory rate. When someone, who has no car allowance, claims mileage and selects vehicle class i.e., Petrol Car over 2000cc, SAP calculates £0.45 rate as expected. If someone who has car allowance with reduced rate, selects the same Vehicle class, SAP calculates the same standard rate of £0.45 instead of reduced
rate of £0.22. In this case we can't differentiate employees and assign correct rate.

Checked business configuration-> Mileage Rates- UK-> Reimbursement Rates-> Edit mileage reimbursement rate-> Company-Specific Rates and noticed that I can define company -specific mileage reimbursement rates for business trips. Therefore I have added row with 0.22 GBP rate and selected i.e., Vehicle Class ''Petrol cars and vans - Over 2000cc''. However this has not resolved the issue.

Please note that we do not use SAP concur. 

I would appreciate for the guidance on how to manage this process. Thanks



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