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DSN - Test Quote Automation

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Based on my understanding that DSN quote automation works with Ariba Discovery only works in Producton Realm. I would like to know whether that this system function is only tested in project implementation after go live. (Question #1)

Refering to the flow diagram below, futher questions that I have as below:

1) Enabling quote automation functionality is allowed in test realm as well or just Producton realm?

2) If only in Production Realm, when project team or client can request for Ariba to setup Production Realm? After test realm was setup or at Deploy stage? If at Deploy stage, meaning client can only get to test the configuration works fine after the system is live. Correct? And kind of later as project team will need to support the document processes + quote automation activation

3) The buyer configuration steps as below (higlighted) can only be done in Production realm and not test realm?

4) If someone has done quote automation in the project, appreciate your sharing on how you get that activated for your customer.

Many Thanks.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tian Soon

SAP can enable Quote Automation for you, but as it's not in DSN service scope, you are to deploy it on your own. Please reach out to the DSN4Partners team for activation.

You and the customer should have DSN Prod and Test account access from the contract start date.

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