SAP Training and Change Management
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Digital transformation has the potential to revolutionize how organizations create value.

But this is only true when organizations adopt a holistic approach to change not just their technological infrastructure, but to shift mindsets as well. When leaders approach transformation as a one-and-done change model, things can get challenging. Research from McKinsey shows that a fifth of the transformation’s value is typically lost after technical implementation and that change programs often fail due to employee resistance. There is often a disconnect between the C-suite and employees (the end users) when it comes to implementing change at such a large scale. That’s because real change requires involvement, complicity, and adapting the right mindset on the part of the end users. Getting that buy-in is the main challenge of organizational change management (OCM), a framework for getting people and technological change to align – and its importance cannot be overstated.


Unfortunately, OCM remains a challenge for many enterprises who often lack either the resources, time, or even foresight to invest in training and education for their end users. This is why SAP recently teamed up with strategic partner Schaeffler, a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, to explore how digital tools can better support organizational change managers and consultants within the context of an SAP transformation project. Taking part in a week-long SAP Fiori Makers boot camp, they explored how to better bring people to the forefront of digital transformation.

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