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Welcome to our new blog and webinar series – monthly discussions focusing on topics of user adoption.  Over the next few months, we’re going to look at some key aspects of user enablement and adoption – Why is it so important?  Isn’t this just about training?  What’s the link with employee engagement?  How can user adoption support digital transformation?


My topic is user adoption – something more than training, even more than enablement. We’re not just concerned with training people to click the right button and select the right option on a transaction.  Successful user adoption is about moving from a situation where your people use a system because they have to, to one where they take responsibility for improvements, best practice and innovation. When you reach a position of significant user adoption, you have a user community who are engaged with the solutions they’re using, who begin even to take ownership of them.   Picture your purchasing team saying “we think we could do x, y and z to make this task more efficient”.  Or your payroll team arguing successfully for a change to the timesheet function.  That’s user adoption in action.


So let’s start with the big question – why is this so important? It’s important because people matter.

In the new digital economy, tangible fixed assets aren’t where your competitive advantage lies. Your physical products can be reproduced.  Even a product that costs thousands of dollars can be produced more quickly and cheaply by the disrupters coming into your market.  But the people? They’re your irreplaceable asset now. I can come into your marketplace and undercut your production and your brand – but I can’t ever replicate your people and their collected knowledge.  Your organisational power and value is built on your people and what they know.

In the new economy, your organization is going to need to be driving innovation - to refocus on your customers and to provide the enhancements needed to satisfy the market.  You also need to be responsive – agility will be key.  Technology and processes will be important– but again, what will make the difference is your people.  It’s people and their knowledge and commitment to your organization that will make it possible for you to drive successful  transformation.

User adoption makes a difference – to business success, to transformation and to achieving a return on the investments you’ve already made. Research, for example, by the Aberdeen Group – the study is called The Value of ERP Training, 2013 - found that organizations who committed to enablement of their people saw a significantly reduced spend on implementation, and up to 50% faster Return on Investment. You start any business undertaking with a goal in mind – reduce your costs, compete better in the market, adapt to regulatory changes.  When you bring your people with you on the change journey, you get to those goals quicker. You achieve what you set out to achieve.


So join me in our series of blogs and webinars exploring the importance of user adoption.  And let me know what you think.  What are your biggest business challenges as we sit here, on the brink of global digital transformation?  What are your plans to bring your people with you on your transformation journey?  Do you understand how to make the most of the human assets you have?

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Empowering the business with a true learning culture

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