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UPC is one of SAP University Alliances key universities partner in Latin America. Even though young in the alliance, UPC has been able to take full advantage of different programs offered by SAP.

Students from two Faculties: Business and Engineering (overall 12 undergraduate degrees) can enroll to three (3) different courses: “Sistemas de Información”, “Fundamentos de Gestión de Negocios en ERP”, “Administración de Seguridad ERP” (using: ERP, Crystal Dashboards and GRC)

Additionally three (3) successful events took place last year in UPC:

  • Business Analytics with SAP HANA
  • SAP Faculty Day
  • SAP Codejam on HANA

Overall almost 200 students and professors participated on those events with the support from SAP Peru experts.

Finally yet importantly, 3 thesis studies were written with collaboration of SAP customers and the SAP solutions: HANA, Design Thinking, RDS. Read about them here.

SAP UA congratulates UPC, and his lead, Jimmy Armas, for having a great model of collaboration and engagement with SAP.

We look forward to the plans UPC has for 2015, from which, a large number of students and professors will continue to benefit and be inspired to work with SAP.

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