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On February 21, Tracy Levine and I tackled the top skills that every new (or aspiring) SAP professional should focus on. The webinar recording includes slides and audio.

Topics discussed included:

  • Best practices for SAP skills development
  • Common SAP career misconceptions
  • SAP career path tips

Tracy and I received great feedback from the audience, and plan to do future blogs and webinars on topics related to SAP Career Advancement. The audience suggested we hold another webinar on consulting vs. industry positions as well as a demonstration of the technical and functional skills we discussed.

Attending webinars to learn from members of the SAP community is a fantastic way to stay focused on developing your career. We shared ideas on how to stand out from your peers and take your career to the next level. I highly recommend you watch this webinar and attend future sessions we hold!

More about us:

Tanya Duncan is a SAP FI/CO Senior Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and blogs at She is the author of The Essential SAP Career Guide, a comprehensive guide for young SAP professionals.

Tracy Levine is SAP Application Consultant at itelligence with expertise in SAP GRC. She is the author of the blog Diary of a Postgrad SAP Consultant ( and frequently writes articles issues of importance to developing SAP professionals.