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I joined a Learning Room as part of the SAP's Learning Hub at

I am signed up for the HANA class, which helps prepare you for the associate certification.

I confess, I was having some trouble navigating; fortunately one of the SAP instructors helped a video - I took screen shots of the images, to help remind me what to do:

Source: SAP

Mark introduced the team, and you can see the team is covered around the world with 24 hour access.  I didn't know that until I watched the video.

Source: SAP

In the above, Mark reviewed the courses covered by the Learning Room for Implementing HANA.  For certification you are tested on HA100 HA300 and HA350

Source: SAP

One of the features, which I haven't tried yet is the live system access.

With Live System Access purchase you have to pay.

It has the same training landscape as the course

With the HA360 it has 40 million rows with real world sizes

The model is based on FLIGHT, flight stats, delays, implications of cost with delays

It has Lumira, Predictive and more

The systems have category 1 and 2

For training has SAP HANA category - always 2

You can switch on an off access; 20 hour purchase - within 30 continuous day

40 hours to be used within 60 days

60 hours has to be used within 90 days

Source: SAP

The other key item in SAP Jam learning room is to turn on notifications using the gear.  Mine was set to None, so I wasn't seeing anything.  Mark suggested that we set it to either daily or weekly.

Source: SAP

The other great item I learned was to download the SuccessFactors iPad application, so I can navigate the course "on the go".

For reference, see this SAP Video: