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It is a common knowledge that internet in general and social media in particular are an endless “source” of data. Many businesses main strategies focus on gathering all of this data and generate value from it. In reality WE are the owners of this data, WE are the data making machines, we just choose to let someone else store our data. HANA for Humanity leads shared one thought, one hope and one question. What if all of us come together and launch our data (thoughts) towards some of the world’s biggest problems? Because Big data can solve Big problems and that’s how the idea of a Database Of Dreams came to life.

The mission of Database Of Dreams is to gather hopes and solutions of problems that would make our world better. It would allow people to share, rate and finally build on their dreams. We want everyone’s dreams; the dreams can be big or small, elaborate or simple or just asking for a simple favor or volunteers. Using the latest technologies, we will be able to find the most important topics and the most touching stories and find ways to make dreams come true.

The 7th of March during the InnoJam @CeBIT 2013 organized by SAP University Alliances, students showcased to the business world what are their true capabilities. Aiaz Kazi the Senior Vice President of TIP had a first look at students’ potentials and suggested that SAP University Alliances and HANA for Humanity work hand in hand to create the Database of Dreams.

Thanks to its close relation with Ludwigshafen University, SAP University Alliances was able to quickly find a group of motivated students who would work on developing The Database of Dreams, led by Prof. Dr. Freyburger (lead of “Sentiment analysis powered by HANA 2012”) and Prof. Dr. Roeckle.

On the28th of April 2013 during the kick off meeting a group of 10 students were introduced to the Database of dreams vision and went through a full day of Design Thinking workshop. The Design Thinking challenge was the following: „How might we redesign the gathering and analysis of opinions in a world where everything is shared via social media?”

The final result is an overabundance of innovative concepts that we had to filter to end up with a solid final prototype.

The team of 10 students was divided into 2 groups depending on their course studies, the UI Team and the analytical team. As of today the students have already dove in the implementation of the main functionalities of the project. The UI team has already built a Google maps functionality and is currently researching on a more modern view of data: Cloud Visualization of Data. The Analytical team is researching on how to integrate complex Text analysis with SAP HANA. The first roll out should be expected on April 30th, which is a very short deadline.

Please help us make the world a better place, spread the word :smile: : @DBofDream #Dream

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