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pick ticket concern

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hi sap user, i have a conern about pick ticket for finished goods loading,

one (1) DO number one(1) pick ticket, so if one truck load have five(5) DO number you have five(5) pick ticket for loading, i am right?

my concern is, is there possible to merge five (5) DO number in one pick ticket? if is possible please help me how to do it, if not thank you for your effort reading my concern.


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HI Melchor

are you on WM or e-WM ?

which version ?


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hello sir,

last were using WM version but now we shift to IM version in able to transact faster especially in invoicing.

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HI Melchor,

With IM , the best you can do is to activate Handling unit, this you can do without WM: one Handling unit for the shipment which will group your 5  lines. Then even without WM , you can flash the HU when loading it and this make your loading.

Best regards,

Frank M

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Hello Sir,

In IM how can i activate the handling unit in to group my 5 DO number? can you pls teach me step by step how to do that? if you dont mind sir?

thank you sir..

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HI melchior

you will find it in

Exactly the chapter is packing delivery items, I have taken here the latest version ECC6 EHP7 but you can access through other version if needed.

but you need to make some customizing before, allow the HU, create numbers range...

this is all also in under packing chapter in Logistics execution

Also my advice if you have never installed HU before, you should refer to a consultant on this matter or ask for a specific training session

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Best regards,

Frank M

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Hi Sir,

i am so confused to the instruction, no screenshot for easy tutorial.

how can i merge two(2) outbound delivery number in one pick ticket in packing? i think this packing is for one(1) DO # only.

for example DO# 70310541 and DO# 70310555 this 2 DO# will create two(2) pick ticket,

how will you print it in just one pick ticket instead of two(2)?

or multiple sales order number in just one outbound delivery.