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what is register factor.

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Hi all,

Please help me on this issue.

There is a parameter in the system as register factor. How can i find the value of register factor?

Thanks in advance.



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Reigister factor is a constant value that is used in consumption calculation. It is a constant value defined in register group. The expected meter reading is calculated from the expected consumption with the help of special parameters (register factor, billing factor etc)

Can you provide more information on what exactly you wanted to know?



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Which transaction and screen you are seeing this information? A join between the tables EASTS and EZUZ will give you the billing factor (ABRFAKT) for an installation.

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It is a multiplication factor for calculating the consumption in SAP. It is similar to the billing factor calculated (updated) during device allocation. However, this factor is directly applied at the register level.

When a register factor is one, consumption will be the difference of the meter reading (X 1). When a register factor is something other than 1, the consumption is calculated as difference of meter reading multiplied by register factor.