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A hundred years ago, before the automobile became popular, the best way to find oil was to merely look for oil seeps, salt domes, paraffin dirt, or sulfurous gases. Those were simpler times to be sure, but time marches on. In the last century, the oil and gas industry has become very complicated indeed; there’s a lot more than finding oil seeps. Today, finding oil and gas requires mining.

Mining? Yep. Data mining. Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach, but the oil and gas industry marches on information.  Whether it’s upstream, midstream, or downstream, the key is to leverage raw data into actionable knowledge that will increase yield, improve safety, and protect the environment.

There’s no shortage of data out there, the challenge is to make sense of it. Whether you want to examine productivity data, monitor equipment performance, predict business results, or something even more complicated, SAP’s all-integrated, cloud-first platform will guide you to the insight, efficiency, and growth you need.

It’s an exciting time to work in this industry. With over 800 oil and gas customers worldwide, SAP is steeped in the industry. This expertise enables us to offer industry-specific Big Data capabilities and embedded preconfigured best practices – all on a single, global platform. Here’s a link to some free resources. Check them out.

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