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Search and feed are established mechanisms of content consumption given the dominance of Google and Facebook. This post is about understanding how tags and #tags are a potential way of discovering content within a library over and above a search and feed based mechanism.

The first requirement is to be able to tag / #tag some piece of content comprehensively with the potential leverage of some “pandora” like capability.

I am thinking a scrape tool that understands all manner of content be it documents, pictures, videos and tries to analyze the content within and potentially the context as well if such information can be gleaned from the content under study.

Post the scrape, an intelligent engine goes to work to build a tag / #tag library on top of this piece of content / collateral and adds the tag / #tag dimension of information to this collateral.

As the library becomes bigger and more content / collateral gets into the mix, the tag cloud increases in size and renders appropriately on screen based on the prominence of certain keywords in the library of content and collateral.

After a point in time, an end user gets to access search, feed and a tag cloud based information search paradigm. The end user just keeps clicking into the appropriate terms in the tag cloud to create a drill down path and comes to a place where all manner of relevant content is laid out for them on screen for further consumption.

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