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SAP DBM Replacement Vehicle process

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Dear Friends,

I would like to know the replacement car process in SAP DBM 800. I am able to book appointment with replacement car.
But the replacement vehicle return process in unknown.
Thanks & Regards,
Manoj Bind

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Dear Manoj,

This can be seen as two Independent Processes .

1. Returning Old Vehicle

2. Selling New Vehicle

If you can brief what you are going to do the Old VIN as per the client requirement.We will be able to suggest accordingly.


Are you looking for Replacement process while Service booking .


Sudheer P.

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Dear Sudheer,

The replacement vehicle process is for service booking. I am referring to service appointment booking process.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Manoj,

  HI their is no Replacement car issue process in SAP DBM in first place so no question of returning it . Appointment is just to get an idea of availability of replacement cars. Nothing more. Instead if you really want this process then you have to do custom actions (very simple, no coding required), in VMS secondary action matrix .

Create 2 simple actions  "check out" and "check in" and assign it to secondary matrix action control and use it for replacement vehicles. So after vehicle booked in using appointment they can do check-out action and after receiving back they can execute check in action.