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iPPE Tables

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I would like to get information about which are the tables where all data related to iPPE is stored. It would be great if I get this information related to SAP ECC & SAP SCM systems.

These internal keys in both the systems can be a real pain at times.

Kindly let me know your views.




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Hi MIlind

I can give overview from Warranty perspective

The Warranty application in DIMP works on IPPE tables,If you see the

pnwtyh,pnwtyv or pvwty tables there is no relation which tells

about the relation ship between header-version-item,all these

relationships and hierarchies are stored in IPPE tables.

Guids sored in PNODID

Texts Stored in PNOTTX

Header Version relationship in PALTID

VERSION Item relationship in POSVID tables and several other tables.

PNGUID+PNCNT is the relationship that carries this interface,at the

moment all guids are unique and pncnt denotes the counter for the

objects taken from IPPE.

However, in ECC 6 and higher releases there is a relationship

nwtyh,pnwtyv and pvwty has been established. The header_guid is added

o the pnwtyv and pvwty to establish the relationship directly.