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I'm trying to find out the standard way of doing below ,

Regular output :

Stabilizer 1,3 wt % ±0,3 Stabilizer 1,3 wt % (one Symbol) ± (another symbol) 0,3 (symbol)

Data :


Customer is expecting the output as below :

Stabilizer 1,3 ± 0,3 wt %

Data :


As we are building custom solution, which we are designing for PDS, At the initial stage I would like to propose business that data maintenance should be in below manner in order to achieve the output.

Before that i would like to check ,

is there any standard FM, which will fulfill the below requirement. which will divide the value and UoM ??



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Hello Satya

the set up of your SAP EHS system is "strange"; Normally a characteristic like "Accuracy" does have an entry like "Ca." (and it is a phrase based characteristic); normally you would do it like (in WWI) as:

ca. 1 - 1.6 %

So the "ca." will come from one characteristic and the value " 1 - 1.6 wt%" will come from a characteristic having an "UOM" assignment and is capable to handle "intervals".

(your value is 1.3; the accuracy is "0,3" so 1.3 - 0.3 = 1 and 1.3 + 03. = 1.6 and therefore we get "1 -1.6 wt%" as the value in WWI report

In most cases the user/company is satisfied to read "ca. 1 - 1.6 wt%"

Now because of the fact you used a "not so good" set up of EHS there is may be a work around available and honestly: i am not sure if they will work but you can give it a "try".

I assume now the following: the characterstic "Value" has a reference to an "UOM" of type "wt%"

I believe you can try to "mask" the "UOM" part of the value iin WWI to get something like: 1.6 (so that teh "UOM" part as "wt%" is not shown); then you could "simply" add the character "+/-" (with some WWI logic around) and add the data from your characteristic "Accuracy" and then you can use a phrase like "wt%"; As i have now clue how you have defined the characteristic "Value"... some risks still exist in this approach; the approach assumes that any "value" as entered in in the dimension "wt%".

So normally: You use a characteristic which is "phrased" based and a second one which is "UOM" driven and is capable to handle an "interval".

I wish you the best to find a solution here


PS: You should check this thread any how.. The UOM story can be a "nightmare" in WWI

PPS: regarding your question: "is there any standard FM, which will fulfill the below requirement. which will divide the value and UoM ??" may be my workaorund might help you; but there is nothing else which i know in SAP EHS standard

PPS: the "masking" of values is not discussed often check e.g.

PPS: just found this thread.. could be of interest as well

and potentially this could be of interest as well: