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SAP PPM 2021 authorization objects

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Hello PPM experts,

We are using SAP PPM 2021. We are finding since a month now that suddenly users are unable to assign resources to PPM projects. Earlier (since year 2014) they were able to assign resources however since recently we are facing this issue. The roles/access of user is the same - so where can i troubleshoot?

Is there a list of authorization objects available for SAP PPM.

Note that we do not use Resource Management feature of "request a resource and fulfillment of resource demand by resource mgr. Instead, right from the start, we are allowing project managers to assign resource directly.

Also what is the component/package for SAP PPM 2021. I do not find a separate software component for PPM since now it is included in S4 Core.

Best Regards,

Ashwini Pingle

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I have checked the following menu and it is not a problem

SAP Portfolio and Project Management -> Project Management -> Resource Management -> Organizational Management -> Structural Authorization -> Assign Authorization Profiles to users.

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