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SAP MII reading file from webdav

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We are experiencing problems on XMII 15 when trying to read a file from a webdav server.
The location where the files are found can be visualized in a web-browser after logging in.

When passing the same information through an Image Reader action block we get an unauthorized message.
The passed information are:
- Full url of the webdav location including filename and file extension
- Login username as was used when accessing via the browser
- Login password as was used when accessing via the browser

Preferably we would be using a credential store user, however for now we test with passing user and password hardcoded. It seems as if the user and password are ignored when trying to retrieve the file.

Have been looking around on the community and searching in general without finding a solution.
The logs do not show an error of any kind, and basis no longer knows how to assist further on this.

Does anyone have some advice for me?
The original goal was to get a file from a shared drive, since that didn't work out it was made a webdav location instead. And now it seems to still not be working.

Thanks for your time,

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