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EH&S - Add custom fields to OData service for Report Incident Mobile app

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We have a requirement to add custom fields to the Incident business object and populate them using the mobile Report Incident app, which uses the OData service EHS_INC_REPORTINCIDENT_SRV.

I can see that the the business object nodes have extension includes that can be appended to (e.g. INCL_EEW_EHHSS_INC_BINFA_D) and that the ABAP structure EHHSSS_GW_REPINC_INC behind the Incident entity type in the OData service also has an extension include - EHHSSS_GW_REPINC_INC_INCL.

My questions are:

  1. How do I get the fields that I've appended to EHHSSS_GW_REPINC_INC_INCL to show in the OData's metadata? Should the OData service automatically pull in the extension fields, or will i have to redefine the service and add them manually?
  2. How do I then map the new fields in the OData service to the fields in the BO nodes? Does this happen automatically if I follow some procedure, or will I have to make changes to the DPC_EXT?

Many thanks,


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