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Here I would like to report once from the planned IT Campus Lingen. The groundbreaking ceremony has already begun. The ICL is to be built on 13 hectares near the B214. ICL is the abbreviation for "IT Campus Lingen". 17 commercial plots with a size of 3,800 to 5,000 square meters including underground parking are planned. Buildings of different shapes are to be constructed here: cubic, linear, angular, with flat roofs - in order to green them and to create accessible terraces. For the natural integration of the area there is a plantation of scattered orchards in the northeastern area. In addition, there are sports and recreation facilities in the indoor and outdoor areas.

The highlight is certainly the water castle, which was designed in the style of the Lingen city coat of arms. The water castle in the southern part of the area has a size of about 15,200 square meters. This building is the striking feature of the area at the entrance to the city of Lingen. These three towers symbolize the three towers in the Lingen city coat of arms.


"For an attractive working environment and sustainable development of the landscaped area, the concept envisages a loose development of individually designed buildings in a park-like ambience. The planning goal is: as much unsealed green space and as little paved street area as possible. Car parking spaces in underground garages, except for visitor parking spaces embedded in the greenery. Areas on the underground garages
can be designed as terraces or landscaped.
Wide grass and meadow areas; diverse shrubs offer habitat for birds and insects, native tree species in loose or geometric group formation or linear street-accompanying as avenue offer differently experienceable natural elements. Water is thematized in diverse and exciting ways: There are several ponds, connected by moats, a rainwater retention basin and a moat enclosing a castle-like building formation. Concentrated work, but also 'breaking out' can take place here close to nature under trees, by the water or on the meadow."
Architect's Office Bolles+Wilson, Münster


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