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As the owner of this group on the SAP website, I have been wanting to visit Walldorf for some time. When I had a business appointment near Walldorf, I asked Svea Becker (SAP Community Advocate since 2018) for an appointment. I wrote to Svea and said, "I would like to have a coffee with you, but not virtually!" - Quickly we were able to find a common date and we had organized a meeting for the 15.06.2023 at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf.... We had an appointment at 13:30. Punctually at 13:30 I arrived at the headquarters in Walldorf. Svea and a colleague welcomed me at the entrance of WDF21 with the words: "You are right here! Great... Svea is the same in RL as in the many meetings we had already held. It was as if we had known each other forever. After topics like the pandemic and the work during the pandemic were chopped off we came to nicer topics, among other things Svea reported about her visit in Yerevan (Armenia) and the culture there. Very interesting. At the same time there was also a People Experience Day in Walldorf, i.e. everywhere at the headquarters there were busy activities and lively exchanges, but I didn't have time for that. After some time we came to the actual reason of my visit, namely how we can bring the group Lingen forward here on the pages of SAP. It was immediately obvious that Svea had a lot of experience with networking and the SAP community. She gave me more helpful tips about blogging.

Svea/Marco Walldorf Headquater SAPSvea/Marco Walldorf Headquater SAP

Svea then led me between the buildings of the headquarters and explained roughly which responsibilities were housed in which buildings. We walked past the tennis courts and the canteen to the International Training Center (WDF05). The SAP Training Center as part of the Headquarters offers companies the possibility to train and certify their users and/or consultants. The certification is an important part of the training of a SAP consultant. That's why I was naturally very interested in it, since I have already completed five consultant certifications in the areas of FI/SD/MM/CO/ABAP for myself. Due to the distance, however, I myself have been to Ratingen twice, old and new building, and once in Berlin to take the certifications. By the way, since the pandemic, you can also take the certification from your home office.

Svea Marco Walldorf Internationales SchulungszentrumSvea Marco Walldorf Internationales Schulungszentrum

I can say that if you decide to start a group here, you will be well taken care of. I am looking forward to further cooperation with Svea and we can say here will still happen a lot.





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