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Costing - Overhead based on planned machine hours in the routing

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Hello all,

i saw some topics related to this but not exactly the solution for the issue.

We have a calculation that runs each month and work fine. In addition to that we want a company calculation to calculate everything based on the same parameters no matter where it is produced + some overheads that we dont have at the moment. I want to achieve that without templates if possible (for this my knowledge is not good enough).

For this i copy pasted the actual calculation and changed all related inputs to also copied parts. I changed the plan version from 0 to 1 so we can play around with the tariffs and not work with "real" production data.

  • Now i created a quantity based overhead. It should add 10€ for each H (hour) of machine time
  • Base is the account for my Machine activity type that we use in the routings
  • Add both to my costing sheet. First the base on line 110 and then the overhead in line 120 based on line 110.
  • Then i added also a credit cost center (im not sure if i even need one when its only for planned).

All the necessary other settings are done. If i calculate with the new costing variant i get results and also the indirect material that we have set up in the other lines (Line 10 is base and line 20-100 are all the different plants).

But i dont see any overhead for the new quantity based setting.

Can somebody help me with this topic or know where i can find an example?



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