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Task based on the order-to-cash process. Use SAP 4/HANA credentials to complete the exercise.

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One of your existing customers has opened an independent offshoot Alster Adventures in Hamburg and would like to benefit from your new promotion with this, in which there is a free off-road helmet for each mountain bike ordered. Individual items can be marked as a free item (AGNN) in the item details of the appointment order. Make sure that off-road helmets belong to a different division.


1. Create a new customer Alster Adventures using Alster Cycling (customer 14000) as a template. Have your new customer supplied from the factory in Hamburg (HH00) via the sales organization Germany North (DN00). Remember that the Euro is the common means of payment in Europe. Companies in Germany are subject to tax.

2. Expand Alster Adventures so that orders can be placed for accessories and across divisions.

3. As Alster Adventures, order five mountain bikes for men and five mountain bikes for women. As a long-term customer, Alster Adventures will receive a discount of $50 per bike on the order and 3% of the net price on the entire purchase.

4. Perform a complete order-to-cash-process including the incoming payment of your customer.

I need solution step by step in SAP Fiori.

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