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Dear Experts,

When we go for creating sub-operation in a PM tasklist ? How to create a sub-operation for a operation in a general tasklist ?

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you can create sub-operations for all the operations in a maintenance task list. Sub-operations represent an additional level of detail for an operation and are situated hierarchically below an operation. You can assign several sub-operations to one operation. This can be an advantage in the following scenarios:

Several work centers are required in one operation.

Employees with varying qualifications and skills are working simultaneously on the same operation.

Sub-operations may contain some of the same information as operations, for example,

Work center assignment

Control key

Start and end dates

There are two types of operations for maintenance task lists in the PM component:

Internal processing

External processing

You can divide the operation "Inspection" into two sub-operations:

Motor inspection

Building inspection

You can also add a sub-operation to your operation if part of the task is to be processed externally. For example, the sub-operation "motor inspection" could be performed by a third party. In this case, the sub-operation will contain a purchase requisition for the external labor.

You can create different types of sub-operation for one operation. For example, you can create externally processed sub-operations for an internally processed operation and vice versa.

In actual At General Task List Operation Level First Define your main Operation then--->

Op/Ac Main WC Plant SubOp Operation Description

0010 MECH Plant-1 Main Operation

0010 ELECT Plant-1 0001 Sub Operation-1

0010 INST Plant-1 0002 Sub Operation-2

0010 CVL Plant-1 0003 Sub Operation-2



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Go to task list change >>> Operation tab.

Let say your first operation number is 0010. Then below it for next operation change operation number to 0010 and next to it there is field for sub-operation give there number 0001 or 0010 as per your requirement. Select suitable control key and work center, give description and press enter. your sub operation 0001 will be created for operation 0010.