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STO: How to partial GR of HU stock from 'Stock In Transit'?

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Hi All,

Please help if you have come across the below issue before.


         Create inter-company STO

         Create Outbound Delivery, pack items and PGI

         PGI posts stocks in transit, creates Inbound Delivery including HUs from Outbound Delivery using output type 'SPED'.


        At receiving plant, we like to receive partial HU quantity instead of full HU quantity.

        This is due to damage in transit, theft etc

No standard SAP transaction allows to unpack, repack, emptying HU even after de-assigning it form Inbound delivery.

NB: Please note the partial GR need to posted on receipt of 'SHPCON' message from receiving plant/3PL. But please tell even if it is possible using any other interface message, standard transaction, BAPI's etc.

Thanks in advance


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and what idea do you have for the quantity left in-transit if you receive only a part?

It is explained in countless discussions and even OSS notes that you shall receive everything to close a transaction. You will only make your process extra difficult if you just receive a partial. Better receive the total and then issue what you did not receive physically.

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Thank you Jurgen for replying.

I have read many threads where full receipt is suggested and also contacted SAP for a solution. Even they suggested the same.

We are following the practice of receiving in full and dealing with shortages for many of the markets but for few of the markets the business doesn't like the process as it involves too much offline communication between parties involved with longer lead times thus causing chaos everywhere.

This is also due to the reason that the plants/warehouses are being managed by 3PLs. Also our industry is strictly regulated, adding to the problems as regular audits put more pressure on business.

So the idea is for 3PLs to receive only actual physically received stock in their IT system, confirm the same via interface SHPCON while an SAP support team to monitor the stock left in 'Stock-In-Tranist' regularly and deal with it.

Any valuable information is highly appreciated.

Best Regards