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ship to change on BOM main item.

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Hi Friends,

Can any one explain me about BOM.

when i change the Ship to address at main item, will it copy to the sub items which are on the delivery group. If yes where i can see the configuration for the same.

can any one help me on this as i got an high priority issue.



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Answers (3)

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hi jayalakshmi

BOM means Bill of Material.. That means Integrating all the Material.

Ex: If u purchase a Branded Computer then Bill will be for one Material only.. There will be no in detail bill of every part included in Computer..

If u purchase a Assemble Computer then u will be seeing all the items included in Computer with prices..

So for a customer u can prefer him to which way he like to be billed .. like if he dont need in detail of computer.. then u can give Main item as Price..then there will no indications for price of sub items in order.. or invoice.

If a customer Prefers in detail bill then u have make Main item price nill and Sub item Price will appear in OR.. Check out that all subitem price should be totaled must be main item price.

2. If u change the ship to party address .. then automatically address will change.. ..

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Dear Jaya,

Bill of material

A complete, structured list of the components that make up an object. The list contains the description, the quantity, and unit of measure. The components are known as BOM items.

BOM categories

In the SAP System, BOMs can form different objects and manage object- related data. You can maintain the following BOM categories, for example:

Material BOM

Document structure

Equipment BOM

Functional location BOM

Sales order BOM

Technical types

To display product variants and production alternatives, the system provides two technical types:

Variant BOM

Multiple BOM

If you change the Ship to address at main item it will not update for all subitems, because it is specific to the item even though items are having the delivery group settings.

If you update ship to address at header level it will applicable to all items of the sales order.

If you change the ship to partry address in the master data of that ship to party system will copy that address for all items while processing the sales orders.

I hope it will clear for you,



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Hi Murali,

Thank you for you reply.

Here i wanted to know is there any SAP Standard configuration to give a pop up (like do you want to want to change the SH for sub items - like the case Schedule line dates- when we will change the Schedule line dates it will give message for sub items also) when we are changing the Ship to at BOM Main item.

My concern is not meant for development, just to know whether standard SAP Configuration is possible.

Thank you you to confirm.



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The change of address takes place in Customer master of that SH and hence where ever this SH is assigned, it will take the new address only.