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RPUTRBK0 - Transfer Employee

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We have a problem in RPUTRBK0 report with transferred employees.

We want 'lock' every employees with parameter 'Payroll area' 41.

But we have an employee with 'Payroll area' 71 ( IT0001) and RPUTRBK0 'locked' this employee.

This employee before was payroll area 41.

The report ignore the parameter Payroll area.

thanks in advance.


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It is taking todays date thats the reason , it is happening.

For this cases you have to do manually or there is another way find the employees and give directly in employee no fields , it require EXCEL work

Manoj Shakya

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But today date, the employee there is 71 Payroll area.

And I put the payroll area parameter on report 41.

This is bad work the report? I found 'SAP Notes' About it, but I didn't find.


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> This is bad work the report?

You can say that.. but this is just a Utility & does direct db update of PA0003 without any data Validations.. The Sel Scr doesn't an option to enter dates for data selection.. SInce it is tied to PNP, the LDB assumes the Begda to be 01/01/1800 & endda as 12/31/9999.. So the employee of Payroll Area 71 is laos picked as he once belonged to 41..

You have to copy the report to a Z-Version,add dates to the Sel scr & use it in place of Std Program..


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I'll make Z-Version.

Previous I'm had debugging this report and I discovery this too.

but now, I'm sure this.

thanks very much!

Andre Silva