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QM in Third Party Orders

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In one of my scenario I want to deactivate Inspection Lot generation for Third Party Procurements

If I procure Material M1 with Inspection Type - 01 from Vendor V1 through normal procurement inspection lot should be created (Which is working fine) but if I prcoure same material from the same vendor but this time and its directly been dispatched to the Customer then in this flow

I need to create GR (Statistical GR - To ensure Material is received by Customer and accounting entries)

This time Inspection lots are getting generated.

How can I restrict this ?



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Answers (3)

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Hi KK,

What I have understood is, you donu2019t want inspection lot to generation if the consignment is directly going to customer.

Inspection activity is based on the movement type. By which movement type this material is dispatched to your customer? Deactivate inspection for that movement type. Follow this path for the same. QCC0 -> Quality inspection > inspection lot generation > Inspection for goods movement > Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type >Select the movement and tick on QM Not active checkbox.

If you are using the same movement type in both the cases, I would suggest to customize the different movement type and deactivate QM for that movement.

This will ensure no generation of inspection lot.


Anand Rao

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If your third party order has different 'account assignment category' or 'item category' with normal procurement order, you can deactivate the inspection lot processing at configuration.

SPRO > Quality Management > Quality Inspection > Inspection Lot Creation > Inspection for Goods Movements > Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type

If both are same, you need to implement the customer exit 'QAAT0001'.



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Create a Inspection type say Z01 with origin 01.

activate both inspection types in QM view

and use user exit

QAAT0001 Inspection type determination different from variant 01