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Purchasing Info record

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*I know how to create purchasing info record. But how can it useful for while creating PO. If some explain me with one example ,it will be better for me.*

*With Regards,*


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Answers (3)

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For example, the info record indicates the units of measure in which materials are ordered from the vendor, and the applicable reminder levels.

It also shows price changes affecting the material in question.

This information can be useful in the process of evaluating quotations to determine the successful bidder.

Info records are created automatically when you order a material.


Narendar Konakanchi

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Purchase info records are created so that at the time of creating a purchase order it is not required to enter the price each time as it is a standard price.

In case the price varies you can overwrite this price which the system allows.

Hence Purchase info record offers a help and saves time and info on the exact cost value of the product at the time of creating a purchase order.

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