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Obligatory field in Opportunities window

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Hi everyone! In the opportunities window there´s a list field named "Level of interest". The thing is that no opportunity should be null or have the "no interest" level (in spanish would be "Sin Interes" as showed in the picture below").

So, I made this code on the SBO_SP_TransactionNotification and I want to know if something it´s wrong or someone knows the reason it's not working anymore:

declare @nivelint as nvarchar
IF (@object_type='97') AND (@transaction_type IN ('A','u'))
set @nivelint= (select isnull(T0.intrate,0) from oopr T0 where T0.DocEntry = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del)
IF @nivelint!= 1 or @nivelint!=2 or @nivelint!=2 or @nivelint!=3 or @nivelint!=4 or @nivelint!=5
set @error=1
SET @error_message = 'No se definio el nivel de interes' 

Basically, if the code of the level it´s -1 (no interest) or 0 (null) the error will appear.

I know, the code is pretty unorganized and non-practical but I used to had a better one and yesterday, the code stopped working just like that. I dont know why and the code that I wrote above was working just 20 minutes ago and it doesn´t anymore. I attached my full SBO_SP_TransactionNotification querie in a TXT if someone wants to see it but I´m pretty sure that is not related to this error because the other restriction codes are working.


Transaction querie link

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