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Net value of Credit memo must not increase, but accountingdoc must generate

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HI All

This is my sales- return process

Sales order has been created for

Material : Ax001: 10 Qty : Total price : 100$ Per unit = 10$

Sales order has been created : for 10 units (sales doc number:AAAAS)

Billing has been done : 10 units for the value 100$

Accounting documents posted : Credit :100$ Debit accout: 100$

Returns sales order:

This is done with reference to the sales order

Return Sales order has been created with reference to sales order : (sales doc number:AAAAS)

Qty :1 Value of the product =10$ Material: Ax001

A manual condition type is defined to reduce the value of the actual price .. The company is planning to give only 5$ for the return material

Manual condition has been included in the Return saels order Total net Value = 5$ qty = 1

Credit memo has been created : for 5$

Accounting doc: Credit account = 5$ debit account =5$

Issue: The account team wants one more account document to be created for the original value of the product i.e 10$

The net value in the billing document must not increase, but the account document must be created for the value=10$

This is for nullifying the original value of the product from the book of accounts

Solution tried : Manual condition for the original value =10$ keeping it as statically condition type : issue: account doc will not generate if it is statically . CND ref: 100% discount it did not work the net value in the order/billing is increasing

Please let me know how to generate the Accounting document with out increasing the net value.. Using standard SAP. we can create a routine and we can do this .. but we are looking for the Standard SAP solution if any,.....

Thanks for your help in Advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per your condition type, system shows the price $5 correctly in the billing document. So the system will pass only $5 to the accounting document as it is an automatic process and you can't infulence it.

In SAP so much security is provided in the billing document becasue it is a legal entity. If you do any manipulations, the audit team can track it very easily. From SD side it is not possible to create 2 accounting documents from the same billing document. Consult your Fiance business team, they can check the possibility of posting some adjustment enties from FI side....



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Chandra,

In your scenario create new condition type and update that condition type with accruals at control data 2 section and create relevant access sequence and update the condition type in your return pricing procedure and create new account key one for regular posing and one for accruals and take help from FI /CO to create new two accounts one for regular updates and one for accruals posting ,

in your pricing procedure mark this condition as statistics relevant it will create automatically accountancy document for reference,

Try this and let me know if you have any questions.



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if you keep the conditin type as statical it will not post to accounts or considers to account : FYI