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MIGO 541 serial numbers

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in MIGO transaction, when I create a 541 movement for a material having a serialization profile, a sub-screen is displayed asking for the list of serial numbers.

Then, after I post the document, an outbound delivery is generated.

I do not find any trace of the serial I added in the MIGO transaction.

Later, I have the opportunity to link serial numbers to the Outbound delivery and :

- there is no cross check between the serial I link to the delivery and serial I provided in the MM document

- in SER03 table, I can find the list of serial numbers linked to the MM document with movement code 541 : they are the serial I added to the delivery, not the one from MIGO

Of course we could argue that it's the good issue on the delivery that actually create the 541 material doc, but what would be the reason to provide with the serial number in the first place if we just forget about them and take only those for the delivery whatsoever ? Thanks for kind help

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