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material determination

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Is there any difference between product selection and material deter mination?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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yes there is diff.

1) material determination is used to give substitute /alternate material instead of required material based on client specific business process.

2) product selection is nothing but bunch of items which can only be sold to customers depending upon master data maintenence for the combination of customer/material/quantity .

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Gopala,

Material Determination is used to swap one material for another.It is possible to get a list of materials for substituiton,but remember you can substitue only one material from the list.

Material Determination based on ATP Qty means the system will check for availability of the stock in your plant and then processes. ATP is quantity is basically equal to warehouse stock + incomming stock - outgoing stock

….but remember you can substitue only one material from the list.based on availability of substitution material.normally availability checks in three ways.

1.ATP based on availability.

2.product allocation.

3. Rules based on availability.

as per my knowledge product selection is a part of material determination.

material determination is used for automatically substitute the material.

In product selection we can set a number of alternative items for the customer requested one and we can select the material from the list based on its availability.




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Dear Gopala,

please see also following SAP consulting/FAQ notes:

- 412789 (Restrictions for product selection)

- 550396 (FAQ: Material substitution and product selection)

- 870085 (FAQ: Product proposal)

- 869601 (FAQ: Cross-Selling)

- 863767 (FAQ: Listing/Exclusion)

- 865302 (Listing/Exclusion: Defining own requirement)

Best regards,


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Material determination enables the automatic substitution of materials in sales documents during sales order processing. For example, during the course of a sales promotion, the system can, during sales order entry, automatically substitute a material that has promotional packaging. A consumer product may have a special wrapper for, for example, the Christmas season. Using material determination, the system substitutes the material only during the specified period.

In the standard order processing cycle, a customer requests a specific product that you then ship. In reality, however, there are situations where you want to substitute the product ordered with an alternative, for example a product that is repackaged for Christmas, or with a free sample or coupon.Product selection functions rely heavily on the condition technique and material determination.With product selection functions, you can set the system to automatically select products according to their availability and priority. For tracking purposes, the system stores data about what the customer has ordered. You can use this information as a reference, or for printing invoices and packing lists

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