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Manually Charge the Value Difference of Issued Stock to Inventory G/L

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Dear Experts,

In post Go-Live situation, If we found that stock valuation (part of initial upload) is wrong for most of Inventory items and let's say, 30% of such inventory items are also issued to respective cost centers.

Quantity is correct for all such issued inventory items (just the valuation is over/under valued) and moving average is being used.

What would be best solution in this scenario? Please suggest.


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Answers (1)

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During go-live if stock posted wrongly and then issued to cost center for consumption but not sure how this not being validated after stock account posted for material.

You have not shared also when was go-live ? Check with your finance team in case correction can be done with reversal of document  if recently done go-live!

Alternately as stock account posted wrongly and then issued to cost center for consumption, now you can change current price for material with MR21 after finance team approval