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Maintaining Costs against activity types in SAP Public cloud Professional services.

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In SAP public cloud professional services, I have a requirement to maintain costs at a very granular level for each Activity type depending on,

1. Shift type (Day / Night / SAT),

2. Higher duties roles (L2 / L3),

3. Allowances

4. Location (within the same delivery Org)

5. Taks

for example,

what's the best way to achieve this as we have hundreds of Roles?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Avi,

In professional services, we have very granular way to set cost and prices based on condition.

with new billing solution we can also please more than 20 activity types as compare to earlier version.

you can use workitems to breakdown the cost for same role depending on time, role type, shift time etc.



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Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your response.

As mentioned, we have hundreds of roles and each of these roles has to be broken down into different cost categories like base rates, higher duties and allowances.


1. Activity types can be used represent roles. ( is there a limit in number of activity types we can create?)

2. Work Items can be used to represent the different cost categories. (assuming there is no upper limit here)

Also , what other dimensions can be used to further breakdown the costs ?

thanks ,