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Intercompany Sales and Stock Transfer process not working together.

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Hi Exparts...

Please help to solve the below unique issue:-

Intercompany sales and Stock Transfer process is not working together from single site UW00. If Stock Transfer process starts, the intercompany sales process stops, and if Intercompany Sales Process starts the STO process fails.

Under Company Code '2800' there are two plants craeted 'UW00'

and 'U001', where 'UW00' is an main plant and all inventroy will be

manatained and managed from this plant. There is another company

code '2801'. UW00 will supply the goods to plant 'U001' under STO (in

the company code '2800') and also supply to '2801' Customer under

Intercompany sales.

for STO process the sales area is "U001-45-00" and for intercaompany

sales process the sales are is "U002-75-00" (Under intercompany process

the intercompany billing to "U002-75-00" under company code '2801').

Once we have assiging the sales area for STO to plant UW00 as "U001-45-

00" the intercompany process will be stoped, and when we assiging the

intercompany sales area to Plant as 'U002-75-00" the STO Process will

be stoped.

Error Message for STO "Not possible to determine shipping data for

article 10002020".

Error Message for Intercompany Sales"Sales area is not determined"

Please help to resolved the issue.


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Answers (2)

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Hello Garima,

Sales order is created for the sales org belonging to 2800 and the plant is U002 which belongs to 2801. Hence you need to maintian the sales area for sls org belonging to 2800 / 75 / 00 . And even after that there are a little more steps to be followed like creating a customer ( which actually is 2800 acting like a customer to 2801) belonging to sales area of 2801. That number is stored in the "customer number for inter company billing" field in the sales org (belonging to 2800).

Hope this help a bit, if my explanation is clear.



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HI Garima ,

Plz check the following steps


Assign Delivery Plant of the supplying company code to Sales Org + Distribution channel of the Ordering company code in the Enterprise Structure.


Menu path: IMG/ SD/Billing/Intercompany Billing/Define Order Types for Intercompany billing

Assign Organizational units by Plant:

Menu Path: IMG/ SD/Billing/Intercompany Billing/Assign Organizational units by Plant.

Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization:

Menu Path: IMG/ SD / Billing/ Intercompany Billing/ Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization:

Creating / Showing Ordering Sales Organization as Internal Customer for Supplying Company code:

Transaction Code: XD01

The ordering sales organization is represented as Internal customer of Supplying company code.

We need to create customer master in Account Group - Sold to Party and maintain minimum required financial & Sales Area data.

This internal customer number has to be assigned to the ordering sales organization. Hence, the system automatically picks up this Internal customer number whenever there is Intercompany billing.

In the above mention configuration steps you are missing the second step in your confirguration 1.e the reason your getting that error

Best regards