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i hv a doubt in intercompany process

suppose i hav 3 company codes

one in US, Canada,SA

n suppose if sales org of US wants to get stock frm Canada plant we need to define a customer in Canada n assign it to US sales org.

my doubt is if i wud like to do intercompany with SA ALSO HOW WILL I DO IT

we can assign only one customer number to a sales org in intercompany rite??

plz clarify wether intercompany is only between 2 company codes ?

cant we do it between more than 3 company codes

plz share ur ideas............


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi anil,

you can extend the same customer to other company codes

You can use the transaction FD01 and enter the customer number already created. Thereafter in company code field, enter the new company code for which you want to create the customer. The General Data will be copied over and company code data view can be entered as per your requirement.

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hi vishal

thnx for the input

actually fd01 doesnt work out since here sales ord data will also be different

i tried with xd01 it worked out,,,,

tyhnx a lot

i m closing the thread

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Anil,

Please go through this link it will help you,

I hope it will help you,



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plz stop giving links

i hav loads of materials to go through.

plz answer only if u can