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hi gurus

i am new to SAP E-Recruiting , how i can i view the infotype of e-recruiting , suppose if it is a personal administration, i view it on PA30 , like that what is the transaction to see the e-recruiting infotypes?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Candidate Information (Infotype 5102)

Work Experience (Infotype 5103)

Education (Infotype 5104)

Qualifications (Infotype 5105)

Desired Employment (Infotype 5106)

Desired Location (Infotype 5107)

Availability (Infotype 5108)

Contact Rule (Infotype 5110)

Talent Group Information (Infotype 5115)

Requisition Information (Infotype 5125)

Job Description (Infotype 5126)

Further Requirements (Infotype 5127)

Education Requirements (Infotype 5128)

Required Qualifications (Infotype 5129)

Required Licenses/Certificates (Infotype 5130)

Person Responsible (Infotype 5131)

Candidacy Information (Infotype 5133)

Attachments (Infotype 5134)

Manual Activities (Infotype 5135)

Correspondence (Infotype 5136)

Qualifying Event (Infotype 5137)

Invitation (Infotype 5138)

Status Change (Infotype 5139)

Questionnaire (Infotype 5141)

Ranking (Infotype 5142)

Check this link

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hi Anantha Prakash ,

thanks for u r replay

i am from technical side , suppose when i want to go to personal data of the employee i will enter into PA30 then i will give infotype to go the particular infotype , like this i entered the infotype no 5102 ,5103 etc in PA30, but there is error message thrown , " no infotype exits in character string 5103". ,

what i want to do to view the infotype 5103 ?

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Hello suresh,

i dont know E- rec really. but all those infotypes are HRP infotypes. Go to PP01 and you can find objects like NA (candidate),NB (Requisition). NC,ND etc.

Wait for the experts response

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I am waiting for experts response

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i searched the forum for Erec

see some useful links and tcodes

U can got to T-code Se16 and type in table name as HRP5103, u can see all the Erec infotype table by putting in table name as hrp5*, which will list u almosy all the table views for Erec.

useful link (you need OSS credentials for this)

There is lots of info available at;

There are various transactions for E-Recruiting management:

--> SICF (for activating/deactivating/modifying) E-Recruiting and other web services

--> SPRO -- for E-Recruiting configuration

--> SRMO -- for creating SearchServerRelationship and managing TREX Index

--> SKPR06 -- activate indexing for E-recruiting

--> SKPR07 -- create E-recruiting search index and trigger indexing

--> SE38 or SA38 -- for executing e-recruiting reports. All E-Recruiting reports start with RCF.

--> TREXADMIN -- Manage TREX server directly from the ABAP stack using this transaction

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hi Anantha Prakash

thanks for u r interest to this forum.

link which u given is very helpful.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi guys

i am waiting for u r valuable answers