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HRHAP00_DOC_DEF_DE - Default Execution Period of Appraisal Document extension issue

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Hi, I am hoping to get help regarding the HCM performance management issue we are having.

We used the BAdI (HRHAP00_DOC_DEF_DE) to extend the execution period for performance contracts/appraisals.

The initial deadline was the end of last month and we changed it to the end of this month, September. Now this change works for people starting their performance process this month, but for those who started the process last month and didn't finish, they are getting the error: "Latest appraisal date must occur after the current date".

This error can be fixed via this transaction: phap_admin_pa, but we have hundreds of appraisal documents. It will take way too long since you have to change each document individually. That is why we are looking at the BAdI, to hopefully change all the outstanding appraisal documents.

I found this documentation on the BAdI, in the link, there is the following step from the PHAP_CATALOG transaction:

It is needed to include the BAdI implementaion in the 'Further Template Behaviour' under 'Processing' tab of the template.

I was wondering if inserting the BAdI implementation on the 'Default Execution Period' would also change the execution period for those appraisal documents from the previous month?

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