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Forex Revaluation Issue - FAGL_FC_VAL

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Dear All

I am on ECC 6 - EHP 5 and when I try to run foreign currency revaluation through program - FAGL_FC_VAL i get the follwoign message and i cannot execute the program

has anyone come across this and found a solution for this ? even when i re-run the program i get the same issue

Due to the generation, the program needs to be restarted

Message no. FR614


Changes in Customizing settings triggered a generation.

System Response

The generation was performed.


Run the program again.

Thank you


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Answers (2)

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please check note 1522720

best regards, Lawrence

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Thats it! Thanks!!

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you have to check your settings on your own..have you changed ny customization settings recently

check your settings:

define account principle

path: SPRO- Financial accounting(new)-Financial accounting global setting (new)-Ledgers-Parallel accounting-Define accounting principles

assigning account principal to ledger group


same path you will find

define valuation method:

Financial accounting (new)- General ledger accounting (new)-Periodic processing u2013 Valuate- Define valuation methods

define valuation area:

same path you will get it

prepare automatic posting for foreign currency revaluation:


for KDP transaction( exchange rate difference):

under expense account and gains --- make 2 p& l accounts one exchange gain and other as exchange loss.

for kdf:

these are the bank accounts,vendor customer recon acc all accouts which maintain foreign currency

adjustment account would be forex reval a/p and a/r 2 seperate account

maintain it as balance sheet and use account group as trade payables and trade recievables


Financial accounting (new)- Financial accounting Global settings (new) u2013 Ledger-Define ledger group

now assign exchange rate difference key defined above in G/L master

this is the integration point between g/l and revaluation.