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DP95 & RRB billing

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Dear friends,

Will doing "DP95" transaction it is not creating any billing request. Can anyone guide me what are the configuration required for DP95 and RRB billing. And please explain the process flow.

Itu2019s related to service oriented; now we are following steps as


In our scenario we are not using project systems (CJ20N)

But now we want to change the process instead of u201CDP90u201D transaction to bypass this process we want to do u201CDP95u201D transaction.

u201CVA01>CAT2 (Maintain time sheet)>CATA>DP95>RRB billing.



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1. Does your current - VA01-CAT2-CATA-DP90-VA02---VF01. - process work? I do not see a timesheet approval transaction (CAPP or CAPS )between CAT2 and CATA.

2. What message do you get now when you run DP95?

I have experience with DP91 and DP95 for project related RRB. The DIP profiles configured for one works for the other as well.

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HI Keerthi,

We are using Project(CJ20N).

Could you lpease tell me the flow from contract to RRB-->Invoice.


This flow is correct?

Or missed anything>

Please update me..

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1. CATA transfers approved time sheets to the target components. Are the time sheets entered via CAT2 released and approved?

2. When you start DP95, click on the sales pricing button instead of the billing request button. This will pull in all the transferred time sheets if there are any. You can see what time sheets made it into the DMR.

Your flow is correct and should work if all required configuration - primarily DIP profile - is correct and complete.

After CATA, you can also use CAT7 in its place, run transaction S_ALR_87013542 on your project. Do you see any transferred data?