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delivery and goods issue

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May I know what is the difference between delivery and goods issue in SD? I was thinking delivery is considered goods issue.

Kindly advise of the difference. I am asking because there is a credit group for both delivery and goods issue.


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Delivery Document is sales document which represents all shipping activities.

These activities can be:

- picking

- packing

- transport

- goods issue

In other words, you can say that Delivery Doc initiates the shipping activity and records all related to

- shipping planning

- monitoring status of shipping activities

- data gathered shipping processing, like transfer order, packing list, batch determination, goods issue, etc.

Goods Issue or as it popularly known as PGI (Post Goods Issue). It a activity under delivery. To do this, your all shipping activities like transfer order/picking of quantities, packing list, batch determination, storage location determination, etc. should be complete. So, as per standard configuration on doing PGI,

1. Stock quantity is updated in goods outward movement.

2. Books for inventory accounting is updated with values.

3. Status in all sales document is updated accordingly.

4. Books for Cost of Goods Sold is updated.

6. Billing due list is updated

As per Credit, these 2 level in shipping is critical.

- As creation of delivery will initiate the shipping activity.

- On PGI, you will make outward movement of goods & the costs of goods sold are posted in FI.

Hence, Delivery Document represents all shipping activities. And goods issue is the final shipping activity to complete the delivery document status.



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just in case, if you need to look at that...

credit management settings:

Requirement for Creating Delivery Due Index from Order - t-code OVB9

routine 104 in standard

Requirement for Goods Issue from a Delivery - t-code OVB7

routine 113 in standard


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dear friend,

sales delivery (say, the outbound) is a document with records in LIKP, LIPS tables

goods issue is the material document with records in MKPF,MSEG tables and reflected in accounting (usually has acc. and profit centre documents)

delivery reflects your ship-to party, picking, loading and other info

GI reflects material, quantites, plant/sloc, batch, mov.type...

you can create a delivery for your oder and keep it without GI for certain period...

but the next step may be, say, shipment, wms transfer order, and GI of course!

GI goes after delivery.

(it is usually material document with 601 movement type...)