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Asset revaluation

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Hi ,

I have one task .if u have answer pls help me.

The task is we have 4000 no of assets in books. The depreciation was run upto October end. We need to revalue the assets w.e.f. April 06. This should be done on December 1st. The revaluation values are manually arrived. They are to be updated in the system w.e. f April 1st. And the depreciation also should get affected from April 1st on the revaluated values.

Can you think it over on this?

Thanks &Regards


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Answers (3)

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Dear sirish




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Hi sirisha,

You can do it in transaction AR29N , AR29. for that u need to do some config... like creating the new revaluation measure, transaction type etc.

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Thank you,



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Good morning and greetings,

Normally when an asset is changed with the capitalized value the system automatically re-determines the depreciation amount in the current open period.

It would be like below:

Asset Value = £1000

Deprn 1st Month = £8

Deprn 2nd Month = £8


Changing the asset value to £1200

Deprn 3rd Month = £8 + (£200 * Depreciation rate * 2 months) = £17

Deprn 4th Month = £12

Deprn 5th Month = £12

This is how system would react for the change in the asset value...Accounting the depreciation in 1st and 2nd month is not advisable as the period is already closed...if the accounting is in the same fiscal year better to consider the above mentioned standard SAP option.

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Thanking you,

With kindest regards

Ramesh Padmanabhan