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Dear all,

Is there someone who can provide me a list of common abbreviations used in SAP MM?

I especially need the literal explanation of "TAS", "BANS" and "CS".

Thx for your response.


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Please note that many SAPabbreviations come from terms in German, as SAP is a German mulinational, so not related to an English term!


FERT = Ferterzeugnis
HALB = Halbfabrikat
HAWA = Handelsware
LEER = Leergut
NLAG = Nichtlagerartikel
ROH - Rogstoff
UNBW = Unbewertetes Material
VERP = Verpackung

BANS stands for Bestell Anforderung Streckenposition. It is a German acronym for Third party orders. It is derived from BANF which is Bestellanforderung. BANF is used as the item category group for individual PO sceanrios where Purchase requisitions are created and goods are received by us and subsequently shipped to customer by us. This BANF is modified to BANS where the S indicates Streckenposition and is used to denote Purchase requisition for third party orders where goods are shipped directly to the customer by the vendor.

Hence TAS stands for TerminAufrag Streckenposition

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Where third party process with SD component is used in the business and client asks, in addition to standard SAP setting, for customization of any of the parameters mentioned above, and then it becomes very important for both SD & MM consultant to understand the SD-MM integration in SAP. Appended below is the step by step approach towards this customization.

All standard SAP Item category groups are available in pop box under the field Item category group of material master in Sales Org View 2. Depending on the item category group selected in the material master, the system automatically proposes an item category in the sales document. Item category group (NORM or BANS) is nothing but grouping of different materials based on item categories (TAS or TAN) used during the processing of sales documents.

NORM (Standard Items), BANS (Third Party Items), NLAG (Non Stock Material), VERP (Packaging), DEIN (Service without delivery) are some of the examples of Item category group available in the standard SAP. These all item category group are assigned to different material types for item category determination from the SD view.

With reference to any of this, we can create new Item category group or groups and same needs to be assigned to required material type in SPRO.

This assignment will be as follows:-

Menu Path: Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Billing documents -> Maintain Copying Control for Billing Documents -> Copying Control: Delivery to Billing Document -> Item,

Define Item Categories

Define Item Category Groups

Define default values for Material Types

Define item category usage

Assign Item Category

Hope it rings some bells.. I do not know the Literal Abreviation. the above explanation will help something on usage of the terms in question