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Community SMP Minecraft Server

Fabric 1.18.2 Server (Java Edition) Using multiple Datapacks, crafting Tweaks and Resources from VanillaTweaks. As well as a custom resource pack. You can connect using the standard Vanilla Java client or you can use the Fabric Java client. Using th...

craigcmehil by Community Manager
  • 46 replies
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The best Movie Ever!

Hi Everyone,I had an interesting question from my son a few days ago and wanted to share:He asked what do you think is the best movie ever... My first response was without thinking TheGod Father..The Good the Bad and the Ugly and I think I kind of re...

Celebrating International Pi Day

Do you like numbers? Mathematics? Are you a lover of formulas? Maybe you are passionate about mathematical constants? If you have an interest in numbers, you'll surely be interested in International Pi Day. Today, Pi is celebrated - the coolest const...

openSAP are shutting their free open doors

but who am i kidding other than myself? 10 years of free education could not last into eternity, right?a couple of hundred bucks just for trying to get a passing score reminds me of early days of SAP + inflation of course - inflation of both in the n...

Back to being SAP everyday user

It's been a long while since I posted in the SAP community, but with the new launch I thought I would stop by at least once.  I was relatively active here from 2005 to 2015 with a focus on SAP CRM.As the topic implies, I recently became an everyday u...

between the sips

opening a new thread not to abuse the old and irrelevant tag.seems like my email has changed but the old stayed as any event, does anyone know of a way to collapse all the banners, so one wouldn't have to scroll to see the posts?taking a sip ...


This used to be a place I hung out a lot in the past. Stumbled upon it today by chance and boy is this a mess. Is this just now in transition from version nnn to version nnn+1?Have I accidentially hit some beta version? Veteran preview?Have I found a...

AntonW by Explorer
  • 4 replies
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