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SAP Enquiry !!!

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Hello fellas,

Just needed to clarify some issues about SAP.

I'm currently in to Electronics field working as an Engineer and I got about 2 years of experience And holding on to Mechanical engineering degree.

I recently got in to a SAP course and I gotta choose 2 Functional modules to specialize.As I dont have any experience in SAP I'm taking this course to step in SAP field.

I'm aware certifications are not the way to get in and I need proper experience.As I gotta scholarship to this course I'm giving it a try .

So I wanted to know which modules are in demand and which would be more appropriate for me even thou i dont have any experience.Im based in Singapore and my age is 28.I do not have any programming experience and im focusing on functional tracks.





Thanks a million and looking forward to a positive answer



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With your background you should opt for either SAP MM or SAP SD.

I would suggest you opt for SD with your experience. It will help you

to understand better with your domain experience.



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Please go through below link which gives info and ranking about every module.

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Hey buddy thanks for your input.

Actually I do have 2 modules to choose from 4 and then i will be doing one project on any of these modules.

I was thinking to take SD and FI and do the project on MM do you think studying 3 modules will be tedious !!

Will go in deep while doing the 3rd module so im a bit confused which one to take up ??

is it good to know more modules or just concentrated on 2 modules and do the project on the same selected module ?? pls advice

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It is better you concentrate on one module initially. You have to be strong in one module with experience.

While doing certification and doing an academic project in a module is not going to help much without

experience. Also you cannot become an expert with just certification. And if in the intial stage, if you are

looking in to more modules, it will not help you much. So it is always better you become strong in one

area and then extend your expertise and knowledge.