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New to SAP MM

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Hi Members,

I was an end user of SAP so i had a bit of knowledge in SAP.Moved to USA as dependant and trying for a career in SAP.Recently i have completed my training in SAP MM and i'm trying for job as SAP MM consultant.In every interview i was asked about real time scenarios. Can you please help me with this real time scenarios.

Appreciate your help.



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Always Read sdn maximum threads coming from real time scenario.

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there is no common or one-size fits all scenarios.

Each ane very thread here is a scenario as such.

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Welcome Anil

As has been cited by other friends, there is no single scenario that can fit across organizations, even if they are in the same sector. It will all depend upon the business being done in a specific client organization.

For a start, you can keep reading on to threads, and hear about so many conditions....and issues fellow practitioners come across.... Will gibe you good exposure to actual scenarios.

Hope that helps.

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Dear Anil

Welcome to SAP world.....

in SDN forum all are real time scenarios.everything depends upon individual client.

So first choose ur sector first,then u start reading......

all the best

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G. Lakshmipathi

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Be prepared for answers to scenarios what you have worked as end user !

Also know about general scenarios for example like stock transfer,subcontracting,vendor returns,consumable,consignment procument,batch management,inventory management,contract,quotation,scheduling agreement,invoice verification etc.,