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New to SAP Programming and Configuration

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I am new to SAP world and would want to learn how to program using ABAP and learn also learn SAP configuration for FICO module.

Please point me material where I can learn the basics of SAP and also read on step by step instructions on how to install and bring a SAP system up and running on Windows Seven

I am not sure what to download and the sequence of installation as there a lot of trial downloads on SAP's website. - Thanks.

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Everyone would wish for a simple step by step procedure for what ever they would like to learn. Unfortunately it's not the case most of the time. You must either attend a formal training or if you think you are smart enough, you should be able to learn yourselves from the vast resources available in the internet.


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I don't think it's a good idea to start with SAP in three different directions. Setting up a system is Basis. Knowledge of FICO and its customizing would rather be consultancy. ABAP would be programming. I would concentrate on one of these... but this is just my personal opinion, anyway:

Considering ABAP Programming I can reccomend the book "Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4 in 21 Days". It's pretty old by now but it's hands on and has lots of practical exercises.

regards, Lukas

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Lukas, Thanks much for outlining the different paths in SAP. It definitely helps. I will take a look into the book from SAMS.

But even to begin practicing ABAP, do I don't have to set the system (which I suppose is BASIS) at the bare minimum? Do I have to setup any backend database/ SAP compilers / UI and other SAP addons/patches for ABAP programming ?

Just point me to few links that I can read on. Don't have to be an elaborate answer.

Thanks - Kiran.

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Yeah you should setup a trial System so you have the backend available with all transactions etc. You can download it here:

A few weeks before I started with SAP ABAP developing I downloaded one of these Trial version, set up a trial system and played around (I succeeded installing it without any knowledge and without breaking something, so I think you'll be OK ).

I didn't update anything or did further setups/configuration, worked right away.

Considering consultancy, I don't think you can start out of the box (but I'm no expert here). There are certain courses available:

EDIT: For hands-on BASIS testing, the trial system might be helpful too, hence you have access on everything

regards, Lukas

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